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New Website + Timer Extended?

WizardPulse AdminCitizen posted Nov 18, 15

Greetings people of Hyperion,

I'm going to make this news post short and to the point.

As you all know we should be moving to the new site within the next 48 hours, but I sadly had to renew Enjin for an extra month as they decided it would be funny to change our expiry date and have the site expire in under 4 hours. So because of this I renewed for another month(don't really care) and myself and Skates are just tweaking a couple of bugs and doing the permissions and making sure we do everything so everyone can join without any issues.

The main issue that currently prevents us in the email verification not working because it's being rude :( So I can promise you that this new site will be released before the end of the month and we will be up and running on a new site with a new name. The minute we get email verification working is the moment we'll start allowing you guys and girls to register before release, that way you can secure your spot.

Thanks for understanding where we're coming from.



Podo_Draken You guys are doing great on this! No need to hurry, make sure it is done right is always the best plan. Keep up the grea ...
C3r3a7Ki773r Doods you guys take all the time you need, we (I) shall be here and around for all the festivities, whether they are 4 h ...
xXNeroZashiXx Captain Take as much time you need ...

[Release] Factions 1.8.8

WizardPulse AdminCitizen posted Oct 27, 15

Greetings Hyperion!

I'm here to announce that Factions 2.0 was released late last night and is no longer on whitelist.

There's been many changes and lots of things players will need to get use to for our 1.8.X servers.

These changes include the following:

  • Removed /modreq
  • Replaced /modreq with /ticket
  • Players can rate their tickets
  • Players can chat with the staff about their ticket
  • Players can comment on their own ticket if they left out information
  • Removed 3 donation ranks
  • Revamped the entire store
  • Added "Hyperion Vaults"
  • Added Holograms
  • Removed /auction
  • Added an Auction House using /ah
  • Banned Notch Apples
  • Blocked the crafting of Hoppers(Use /warp shop)
  • Added /warp Enchant
  • Added /warp Random
  • Added /warp Food
  • Made the announcements look fancy using JSON files
  • Blocked the ability to send money to others(Adding something better)
  • Difficulty is on Hard
  • Creating a Faction costs $100
  • Start with $1000
  • Removed the Points System
  • Added lots of Donor perks
  • Nerfed all Staff ranks(Including the Administrator rank)
  • Made the kit "Starter" better
  • Added Weekly Updates
  • Implementing new systems
  • Spawners can be mined with Silk Touch I
  • Added a "Perks" section to the store
  • Players can collect player/mob heads by killing mobs and other players
  • Voting is being implemented
  • Added lots of Cosmetic perks for donation ranks
  • Planned updates from now to June 25th 2016
  • Many more things to still be added.

As I mentioned in the list of changes we'll be updating Factions every Saturday, every Saturday I'll be posting a news post containing information regarding the update for that weekend.

We have many things planned for the future of Factions and I don't plan on taking it down.

Now here's some examples of new things we added that will be good for everyone to know.

-== Submitting a Ticket ==-

When submitting a ticket you'll need to chose a type. Now this might be a little weird and you might not have any idea what to put as the type, so I'll be listing all of the types to you and explaining each of them.

-= Ticket Types =-

  • Advertising
  • Bug
  • Donation
  • Griefer
  • Other
  • Question
  • Report
  • Swearing

All of these seem pretty self explanatory but to make sure you get your ticket completed correctly I'll provide some examples for you to use as a guide when making a ticket.

-= Ticket Examples =-

  • Format: /ticket create <type> <message>
  • Advertising: /ticket create Advertising SkatesPro has been advertising another server IP.
  • Bug: /ticket create Bug I've found a bug with something that everyone can use.
  • Donation: /ticket create Donation Hi, my donation didn't go through, can you please look into it? Thanks.
  • Griefer: /ticket create Griefer Someone has bypassed the protection plugins and griefed the shop.
  • Other: /ticket create Other Thank you for all of the hard work you do as a staff team.
  • Question: /ticket create Question I have question about how something works, can you please help me?
  • Report: /ticket create Report SkatesPro is using a hacked client, please help.
  • Swearing: /ticket create Swearing SkatesPro is swearing his head off at everyone and he's making threats.

So those are just some examples of how you create a ticket using the type. You must specify a type otherwise you cannot submit a ticket.

-= Useful Commands =-

Here's a list of useful commands that can help us help you with your ticket.

  • /ticket comment <id> <comment> - This allows you to add a comment to your ticket, it can be very handy if you left out information.
  • /ticket chat <id> <comment> - This allows you to chat with the staff member that's handling your ticket.
  • /ticket rate <id> <1-10> - This allows you to rate how helpful the staff member was when handling your ticket.
  • /ticket list <all/open/closed> - This allows you to view what tickets you have made whilst on the server.

Abusing or trolling staff with the ticket system will result in us revoking your privileges to make a ticket. It can also lead to further punishments.

We hope you all enjoy the new Factions 2.0 server and everything we've added.

If I forgot anything I'll be sure to update this post.

Make sure you're using a vanilla Minecraft client running 1.8.8 in order to join the server.

IP: factions.hyperion-mc.com



Smaug27 Senior ModKnight Yay!, and thanks for all the hard work getting this ready.

[Update] Halloween/News

WizardPulse AdminCitizen posted Oct 22, 15

Going to make this the quickest and shortest post I've ever made considering I'm on my phone.

Sadly there's no Halloween Event this year because all of my files were on my laptop and the person who had my laptop last deleted everything on me.

To make up for this we currently have a sale going from now until the 2nd of November. The sale is a 50% off one.

One more thing, starting next month we'll be recapping the month at the end of the month. Totally makes sense.

So on the 1st of December we'll be posting news regarding what November contained.

We hope you enjoy and again sorry about no Halloween Event. On the bright side we can expect new servers, website and store very soon. Also I'm still doing the Christmas Event.



C3r3a7Ki773r AWWW NO Halloween...BUT YAY 50% Off and YAY CHRISTMAS!!! Maybe a Black Friday Sale??? ...