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Hyperion Fundraiser

Pasquitoo OWNER posted Sun at 2:35
Recently I have had the pleasure of getting to hear about a young boys story, who lives with Cerebral Palsy and a range of other horrible disabilities. He never got a chance to thoroughly enjoy his life because he has always had these medical issues and been in and out of hospital. He is only 8 years old. We decided, we would start a Hyperion Fundraiser for him and his family. As you can understand, medical bills are expensive, and even if its just one cent, you're still helping them that one cent extra than they had before. All proceeds Hyperion makes over the coming 2 weeks will go straight to him and his family.

Please note: The money you pay for points on the website will also be going towards this young boy and his family.

To donate for this wonderful cause, please use the 'Please Help' button to the right of this post, or buy Hyperion points.

Lets help make this little man smile!
Rayray25849 Intern Although I can't donate right now, I am sending my prayers to this boy. I've realized that I've taken my good health for ...
Escalionus How long will this be going on? Would love to participate, but funds are tight right now in between paychecks.
Tkf1313 LieutenantWinged Guard You have such a big heart pasq


Pasquitoo OWNER posted Sat at 7:24

Welcome to Hyperion Minecraft Servers!

LordHalo1157 InternCorporalo Gahh, always sleeping when the fun happens ...
lampman13 @ Hyperion Ultimate
you should do one with just staff .-. ...
Johnson79 Head Elite I miss all the fun things! Great picture everyone ...

Secret Project Sneak Peak Snapshot

XXXR4PTOR Head Senior posted Aug 17, 14
Have you been wondering what a handful of
Hyperion staff have been up to?...

Project Staff: MDnK, XXXR4PTOR, MizzAssault, Pasquitoo
Neomale Ensign Oh you started building my new mansion !! How very nice of you ...
mattyc261 Corporal IK WHAT THIS IS!
XXXR4PTOR Head Senior More info will be posted when the time comes. =)
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