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Regarding Modded Servers + Release

mdnk Admin posted Tue at 9:20

Hello Hyperion,

So i decided to make this quick post to explain why the servers i promised havent been released yet. This is due to myself taking a break from Hyperion, i do not have a set date to return but i am currently inactive for a period of time. When i do return i will have a list of servers i will be working on.

Sorry for the delay and hope you all understand.



Greetings people of Hyperion!

Today I'm just going to briefly discuss something that we've mentioned at times in news posts, on polls, in website chat, on the servers etc..

We've been thinking about changing the name from Hyperion but we aren't 100% sure if we want to. It would be a great change and a big change for everyone but not to worry, the Hyperion domain name will still belong to me and it'll just be used as a redirect to link everyone to the new site and servers.

As much as we'd love to change the name we don't want to change it without consulting anyone about it, so I've decided to open this up to the community and actually allow everyone to suggest a new name for Hyperion. Don't suggest silly names, taken names, popular names etc... I don't want to be seeing Hypixel, PixelHype, Hype or anything like that. We want something classy, fancy and that'll catch on and people will remember it, we don't want it to be a long name like "SuperUberUltraMegaLegendaryHyperionOfMCServers.KingOfTheWorld.com" we want it to be short, sweet and to the point when it comes to a new name. When suggesting a name tell us what it means because I know lots of people always think Hyperion is because of Borderlands but it's not.

Once we collect a decent amount of names I'll put them into a poll and everyone will get to decide on which name wins. BUT... Here's a little catch. Just because you vote and one of them get's the highest amount of votes doesn't mean it'll win.. The top 3 names on the poll will be put into a random generator that'll generate 1000 times and the name that wins the most will be used.

Now let's quickly discuss the prize to the person who has the name that wins and the name that'll be used forever. The winner will get a fancy tag on the website and we'll receive the highest rank on all servers..

Now this is a massive change for Hyperion but this'll stay open until September 20th and the poll will begin on that day and the poll will close on the 20th of October. The new name will be used for the new site and will take affect on the 20th of November.

Thanks for reading this and I cannot wait to see what everyone suggests.

Click this link here to post your name suggestions. DON'T POST YOUR NAME SUGGESTIONS ON THIS NEWS POST!



C3r3a7Ki773r I'm always up for SOME kind of change. I like when things are set and the old adage "if it ain't broke...". ...
Deslider Commander Well then, let's hope we'll get some nice creative titles and get a good one.

Greetings people of Hyperion.

Today I'm going to talk about the current and new webstore for Hyperion. I've already told people on Ultimate and in the website chat but I think I need to make this news post just so everyone is aware of what's happening.

So let's jump straight into this by starting off with the current webstore.

Current Webstore: The current webstore uses a points system that's build into the Enjin software. The points system is great but it prevents many issues some even legal due to certain things. One thing I love about the points system is the fact that everyone can vote or do certain things on the forums to obtain more points. Sadly due to the change of software for our webstore points will render useless when we transfer. BUT WAIT, before you leave or stop buying points, voting and being active on the forums etc, you should listen to this next bit.

New Webstore: Due to the new software/system not having a point system I've created a plan where all points will be refunded. Now does this mean we refund your money? Sadly not as I've come up with a better plan. Every single person that has an account with as and owns a points value of over 50 will be given a coupon. Now does this mean you can abuse the system? Nope, when I make systems I make sure they have no errors. So this is what will happen with the points system becoming void.

All points will be converted into a coupon as long as you have a points value 50 and over. You can than use this coupon code on new purchases or you might even decide to save your coupons and cash them in for other stuff. Example time.

WizardPulse has 2000 Hyperion Points, well this means that WizardPulse get's a coupon valued at $200.

Now if you ask me that's pretty amazing considering you get 3 points per day whilst we're still with Enjin just by typing /c money. (Voting will be added, just dealing with technical issues). So I suggest you buy points whilst they're on sale because if you think about it you're saving yourself some cash, you can also use /c money(soon to be /vote) and collect points that way or by doing the various tasks on the website such as posting, rating posts and even submitting a staff feedback form.

Now there's another thing I'm going to be touching base on and that's sales. Now I know how much everyone loves sales but I think you'll love them even more when we get this new software/system. We can now have sales on everything, I'm talking Ranks, Packs, Perks etc.. So no more having to wait for a sale on points and than you blow all of your points on one thing, now you can take advantage of the sale and actually get more when paying.

I know many of you will be sad about not having a points system but I'm afraid it's out of my hands. As much as I'd love to code Hyperion a points API/System/Software I just don't have the time to spend months working on it. Now it may seem simple but it means I'd have to create player commands and than admin commands, I'd than have to try and use our new stores API(If they have one) and get permission from the developers of it and then I'd need to code up a plugin for our website to allow for points.

BUT WAIT, here's some more news. Just because I'm not going to code it right now doesn't mean I won't make a start on it. I indeed will be making the appropriate contacts and planning out a custom API for us and maybe with it I'll be able to make this points system better.

Now to wrap this all up in a nice little present I'll be leaving this current sale on until September 20th and we'll be having more sales before and after we get the new website. Also, my custom points system will be called "Hyperion Money", so that's basically that.

I hope everyone enjoys this post and I hope you're all looking forward to a custom Hyperion Software by myself and a custom website plugin for us made by myself.



pageygeeza Corporal Intardasting. ...
mdnk Admin I saw math and gave up reading
3ncrypt3d Sounds good ...