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x_SkatesPro_x Head Dev posted Sat at 11:33

I'ts been a while since you guys have had any news on the Resurrection Server, and today we're proud to announce the release of Hyperion's FTB Resurrection Server!

IP: res.hyperion-mc.com
The pack can be found at the FTB launcher.
If you happento find any bugs or glitches,
please make a /modreq or contact any Senior+ through Enjin.


JohnnyB205 Psst... Skates... It's spelled with two s's... Ressurection** :3
DarkOrkin @ Hyperion Resurrection
is there a way to vote and earn money for towny?
m4tchl3ss What version is it suppose to be on? I tried loading it up and I was missing things apparently

Hyperion Projects

WizardPulse OwnerYouTuber posted May 19, 15

Let's not waste anytime here and just dive right into this entire post.

Hyperion Projects(The "Projects" tab) will feature a list of projects that are being worked on by the Developers of Hyperion.

Most of these projects are being developed by myself with the random projects being developed by JoshiiToc. Once a project is complete the colour of the name will change from a blue to a green to say that it's complete. If the plugin has and error or stops working than the name will change from green to red which will allow you guy's to know if the plugin is active on the server.

All of these plugins are developed only for Hyperion Network but may be released to the public on www.spigotmc.org or another website.

If you'd like to suggest a plugin idea for us then feel free to shoot me a message on Enjin stating the name of the plugin and what it does.

Hope you all enjoy the current projects that are being worked on.


Hyperion Development Team!

C3r3a7Ki773r VERY cool...
x_SkatesPro_x Head Dev Well then


mdnk Owner posted May 13, 15

Ok so heres the deal, i need to do some actual stuff with the server today as i mentioned before around 1PM(+8GMT).

For the players that are constantly on the server i would like to know if you want to keep what we currently have or do a full reset. Unleashed is due for one soon anyway, and with all the problems with the server latley it might be a good option.

Comment here with your view on the server and i will make my decision later today.



UPDATE: There will be a delay on maintenance until i can find out what people want, a replacement server, reset or whatnot.

Charlie's Edit: So even though people don't want a reset you need to remember that come June 1st this will be 7 months for Unl without a map reset, considering we do a map reset for all of our modded servers every 6 months it'll be time for Unl to be reset even if people don't want it to be.

Mining_Warlord UH.. reset it iguess?
rattmanchu CommanderPaladin you mean you still haven't reset it yet?
3ncrypt3d Honestly, find a better pack. Unleashed is almost 2 years old now, and with that age comes mod instabilities and such.