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Possible Reset for the greater good?

WizardPulse OwnerGod posted Tue at 13:19

Just making this news post so I don't have to keep on repeating the same thing over and over again in Ultimate.

So, as many of you know there's some issues with Ultimate and some of these are even preventing everyone from playing properly.

Basically Ultimate is going back to using TT but this time it'll take 1-2 days to fully release since we're going to configure everything we possibly can so it's like the old Ultimate but without the lag.

We know that many of you will be pissed off with us but you shouldn't be pissed off at us for this reset since it'll be the most random and odd reset Hyperion has ever done since 2013.

Before the reset everyone will get a 24-36 hour notice which should give everyone time to gather up their items.

Here's a list of things you'll get to keep when we do the reset.

- AR Times, that's right you wont lose your time you've logged on the server

- Items you've purchased

- Money will be reset but everyone will get 3k

- 50 Hyperion Points

- All of your ThaumCraft research

- An entire inventory of items

Now... Before everyone thinks sweet I can just load my inventory up with ME drives or bags etc and bring over my entire inventory... Well let me crush your dreams here, the answer is no, no you cannot do that.

You can bring over an entire inventory worth of items but if you try to loophole the system and bring over bags, drives, pouches, dsu's, or anything else that can hold more storage you'll be banned for 3 days and your entire file will be reset and you wont get anything we mentioned above.

I know donors may attempt to loophole the system and bring over their current donor packs or give it to their friends etc... and cheat the system so they can claim a second one. Well if you do this you'll be banned for 7 days and you wont get those items back and your entire file will be reset.

Basically Loopholes = TEMPBAN 3-7days and an entire player reset.

This is the only fair way I can think of to do this. Now some of you might be thinking that we wont be checking your inventory when you join, but that's where you're very wrong. When you join the new server you'll all be stuck in a room and you'll be frozen. You wont be able to execute commands other than /msg, /reply and /modreq. You also won't be able to drop or pickup items in this room. Once you make a modreq any staff member will be able to claim it to inspect your inventory, if you pass the staff checking than you'll be teleported to the next room where you'll be inspected by some commands I'll be making because the staff member(s) might not be able to catch any loophole items.

6-12 hours before the reset the server will be put on whitelist so I can take all of the inventories and copy them, if you miss out on loading up your inventory with items than you won't be given another chance. Once I've done this the old server will be taken off of whitelist and everyone will be allowed to join the staff members in nuking all of the towns, wilds and spawn.

I also forgot to mention that you'll want to bring over all of your fire as the vote shop and voting will be setup the day you join.

One other thing that'll be setup is.... CUSTOM MALL SHOP THINGY.... That's right a possible custom mall shop thingy will be setup over the course of the first week, I suggest you do /warp stall1 on Ultimate now so you can see what the sign format will look like.

Basically there's going to be 16 main plots you'll want to get, these will be high priced and they'll never expire. Other plots however will be a little bit cheaper than the main ones and they'll cost to rent them. If you reach your expiration date than the entire stall will be auto deleted and restored back to default and you won't get anything you lost back.

Rough date of reset might be the 3rd-6th of August.

If you have any questions please ask them in the comments. If I've missed anything I'll update everyone.

OH YEAH, This also fixes quarries.

UPDATE: This will be the last reset until 2016.




Podo_Draken Shards and Safari Nets are okay with stuff in them correct?
metriark AdmiralSpellcaster Are imperial and industrious bees alright to bring over? The serums that is.
C3r3a7Ki773r @ Hyperion Unleashed
So, if you have a chest(s) they will be save and carried over? And/or just the stuff you can carry...sorry but with scho ...

Server plans for next month

mdnk System Admin posted Mon at 19:03

Thought I would give some updates to the servers for next month,

First off I will be removing regrowth and horizons as they have had no interest in the last 2 months.

Tppi 1.6.4 should be released in the next few days so that's cool.

I'm working with viper to bring back monster 1.6.4 so there's something to look forwardtoo.

I am taking suggestions for replacement of regrowth and horizons.

That is all!

xXNeroZashiXx Captain See if people want to play VanillaPlus modpack ?
Caeseyador No points for guessing which pack has my interest. With a few restrictions on the max size of MACs and big reactors....j
MichinYeoja HelperLieutenant what happened to the plans for Infinity being added

Greetings Hyperion Staff and Players!

Today we're going to do something a little different and discuss what the next 2-3 months will hold for Hyperion and the 2 year thank you talk.

So, let's start off with the 2 year talk and move on to the coming months for Hyperion.

2 Year Talk:

So, we finally made it... We've hit two years of Hyperion being online.. There's many people to thank for this past and present so I will be giving thanks to them where it's needed. First of I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting the Hyperion community and for staying with us for so long even after everything we've been through together as a community. First I'd like to start off by thanking Uni_Cellular and Tehstone for founding Hyperion and getting the server on the road to giving players a better play style. Without these two fine gentlemen we would not be here today. Now, before I move on to the next person in line I'd like to thank everyone that supported the server when it first opened up back in 2013.

Next in line is someone who isn't apart of the community anymore but should still be included in this thank you talk. Second up is Pasquitoo for taking over ownership of Hyperion from Uni_Cellular back in 2014. I still think you paid him the 10k lol :P. Now, followed by Pasquitoo is jmorris and everyone else that helped her back in the day, thank you. Before we move on the next person we must thank is the one and only.... Johnson79 for being hired by Pasquitoo as a staff member and eventually being the "co-owner" in my eyes. Johnson did amazing things for Hyperion and he eventually needed to start recruiting some people to help him out with the server side of things. So now I'm going to draw attention to all of the people I can remember where Elite Admins for Johnson... 3ncrypt3d, Flip_This, Stevenator1, MurderousWaffle, MDnK and myself(WizardPulse(wc_fm_boy3)). I'm sure Johnson had other recruits back in the day when I wasn't around but I don't remember all of them.

We've had many staff members help support Hyperion and keep it running over the past two years so I'd like to thank all of them past and present for helping Hyperion get to where it is today.

Moving on... So, now we've arrived here at the present with myself and MDnK having ownership of Hyperion. We've made lots of changes and some of them have been massive changes to the community and changes will continue to happen as Hyperion grows.

Now, before we move onto the coming months talk I'd like to once again say a HUGE thanks to all of the players that have supported Hyperion. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys, so once again thank you so much for the support.

Now that we have that out of the way and it's a much shorter post sadly since my first one with 3k words got deleted due to a bug with Enjin... Very sad I know..

Moving on to some other news...

Coming Months Talk:

So in the coming months of Hyperion changes will be happening, these range from small changes to massive changes. When changes happen we'll be giving you a one week notice so you can prepare yourself for them.

Here's a small list of things that you should expect to see in the coming months.

Server Changes/Updates:

Over the next coming months you'll start to see vanilla and modded servers appearing in the little globe icon. Factions 2.0 was suppose to be released but the plugin author finally updated the plugin since December 2014, see here if you don't believe me. If you've clicked on that link than you can see why it's being a pain to update it. It'll be out before any of our other planned servers since SkatesPro and myself are working on it constantly to make sure it's ready for release on Tuesday 21/07/215 - 07/21/2015.

Other servers are being developed and whilst we cannot share too much information I do have a link for an image you can all check out to view something that's taking a little while to develop. In this image here you can see something really cool that Hyperion has never done before, to make this possible I'll be working with a private developer on this to make sure it's up to scratch for release.

As I cannot release too much information I can tell you that I'll be working with 2 or 3 different private professional plugin developers on some cool projects from Hyperion. These aren't developers from our Hyperion Staff Team, these developers work outside of Hyperion on their own projects.

Over the coming months you might start to see that MDnK will be focusing on the modded side of Hyperion whilst I'll be focusing on the Vanilla side of Hyperion. Both he and I have lots of random conversations over the phone or Skype talking about Hyperion and what we can do for it, so these next coming months will be very interesting for you the players to see what we've been working on.

Website Changes/Updates:

So as you all might know by now I'm getting really annoyed with Enjin. It breaks half of our modules and it also breaks our server ips, it's been playing up lately and as far as comments go on applications or news posts and the new structure for it, it's getting beyond annoying now. They try to help us out but MD and I have been waiting on something for them to change for too long now and I know myself and others are just fed up with it. Because of this near the end of the year Hyperion will most likely be saying goodbye to Enjin forever and saying hello to a brand spanking new website.

The website will mainly be put together by myself and SkatesPro as he and I work extremely well as a team and he's kind of the only guy who knows the software other than myself of course. Once this change happens there'll be a couple of changes as to how the website functions. Here's a small list I've prepared of changes.

1) The only forum posts that will be transferred over are the ones for all of the staff and the other important ones. This means everyone starts with a clean slate of ratings.

2) A new forum rating system will be used. There'll be 8 different ratings for people to use. Spamming or abusing the new rating system will result in your account being blocked from giving out ratings and receiving ratings.

3) New server "shop".

4) All players will now have the "Member" badge unless they have a donor rank, staff rank or both.

5) Navigating the website will be easier than ever before.

6) A report system will be implemented so you can report inappropriate content on the website.

7) You'll be able to protect your account with the highest security.

8) Donors will have access to an exclusive forums section.

9) All members will have a default site style but the donors get to pick from multiple as a perk.

10) Applications will be handled in a different way.

One thing everyone might be concerned about is with the new shop what happens to their donations? Well what's going to happen is myself and SkatesPro will be creating a Google document with every single purchase ever made since 2013. With the exception of banned players and chargebacks. Other than that your purchase will be logged and implemented into a database that'll be made. So have no fear... The Wizard is here :P

When the website is ready I'll be blocking off the current shop 1 week prior to it so we don't have to enter purchases until we move away from Enjin. Once that's done that 1 extra week will give us time to prepare the shop database for everyone. Once the new website is launched along with the new shop we might have a sale for everyone for the first week, so that's something to look forward to.

Hope you all enjoyed our 50% off sale and stay tuned for new updates here and there.



C3r3a7Ki773r @ Hyperion Unleashed
2 years major congrats guys. I have seen website for servers come and go, but it's great to see you guys have survived ...
3ncrypt3d Woo, grats on 2 years Hyperion.
play9876 Woot! updates.