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Johnson79 Elite Admin posted Jul 21, 14
Monster Server Going Offline

Over the past month, the Monster Server has been steadily losing population and popularity. It's at the point now where at most we see 1-2 players online at a time. The Monster Pack seemed like it was going to be a great time, but it had a few flaws that were it's downfall. The pack was never designed or balanced around being a prime time pack as it was only meant as a map pack for the FTB Team and it seemed to be loaded with server stressing mods and bugs. So as of this post, I will be taking the Hyperion Monster Server down for good.

I hope the few players that continued to play Monster through its decline will stick with the Hyperion Community and continue to enjoy our other servers. Thank you for being a part of Hyperion and I hope you can understand and accept our decision. 
halfdeadfly36 Could we possibly replace monster with a reg mc server? I play both reg mc and modded mc, and reg servers are much easie ...
ChronicKills Valkyrie What is going to happen to those who have donated towards the monster server? I was wondering since I was going to start ...
starboxerblue66 what this is a load of crap

Hyperion FTB Ultimate

Pasquitoo OWNER
Pasquitoo @ Hyperion Ultimate
posted Jul 11, 14
Ultimate is back up!
Please make sure to type /money before you vote or you will not get money!

EVERYTHING has been reset. This includes but is not limited too;
Inventories, ALL worlds, timed ranks, etc.

Donators! Please make a /modreq in game to recover your lost donation items/ranks/money.

Thank you all for understanding. Happy playing!

vitawat i was very happy for this reset cus i had everything like 600 ultimate solars, 2 fusion reactors any about 100 million c ...
latias1290 I don't see any reason why someone would want to reset.
__JOHNF__ con todo respeto bueno dices la mitad molesta y la mitad feliz que mitad esta molesta (me incluyo en ella) la que ha don ...

Pasqycraft Update v1.06

Johnson79 Elite Admin posted Jul 3, 14
Pasqycraft had a small update to v1.06 tonight to include a fixed version of Opis. 

Over the weekend I will be testing the newer ComputerCraft to see if I can get it working. If this works there will be another pack upgrade this weekend.
xXxsoccercabxXx How about ars magica? Or does that bypass pvp too much. And blood magic maybe? I love those mods but ik they have proble ...
Johnson79 Elite Admin Almost all mod devs have moved onto 1.7.10 in the past 2 weeks. So I don't have anything specific lined up. Are there an ...
xXxsoccercabxXx Is there an ETA on the next update? If not disregard this comment.
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