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XXXR4PTOR Head Senior posted Sep 1, 14
Hyperion PvP Tournament!

Remember the teaser picture I posted a while ago? Well, I would like to officially announce that Hyperion will be hosting a PvP Tournament! You will be racing through the map trying to make it to the end as fast as possible, all while avoiding being killed from the dungeons secrets and traps, and your fellow players. The 3 players that make it to the end alive with the fastest times, will be our winners.
Please note: This is not a permanent server.

1st Place- 2000 Point Rank on Ultimate or Unleashed
2nd Place- 1250 Point Rank on Ultimate or Unleashed
3rd Place- 700 Point Rank on Ultimate or Unleashed

To be able to connect to this server you will have to download the Monster Pack (Version 1.1.2) from the FTB Launcher. Make sure to click the dropdown to change the version. 1.1.2 is NOT the recommended version. After you have this downloaded you will need to go download MobiusCore 1.2.2. Open your Monster mods folder and remove MobiusCore 1.2.1 and paste in MobiusCore 1.2.2 you just downloaded.

Keep on eye on the website for the time and date this server will be launching!
LaMaestraa Commander Traps... Secrets... Dungeons... I think i'm going to take part xD But i say now, that i wont attack, i'll just: Run, run ...
Corndog52 Hello there. I know this isn't related at all to the conversation, but hi. I am Dublin 2274's friend and he told me this ...
trainphreak "1st Place- 2000 Point Rank on Ultimate or Unleashed 2nd Place- 1250 Point Rank on Ultimate or Unleashed 3rd Place- ...


Pasquitoo OWNER
Pasquitoo @ Hyperion Ultimate
posted Aug 23, 14

Welcome to Hyperion Minecraft Servers!

LordHalo1157 InternCorporal Gahh, always sleeping when the fun happens ...
lampman13 you should do one with just staff .-. ...
Johnson79 Head Elite I miss all the fun things! Great picture everyone ...

Secret Project Sneak Peak Snapshot

XXXR4PTOR Head Senior posted Aug 17, 14
Have you been wondering what a handful of
Hyperion staff have been up to?...

Project Staff: MDnK, XXXR4PTOR, MizzAssault, Pasquitoo
Neomale Corporal Oh you started building my new mansion !! How very nice of you ...
mattyc261 Corporal IK WHAT THIS IS!
XXXR4PTOR Head Senior More info will be posted when the time comes. =)
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