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Server Reset?!?!?

Trongore Senior Admin posted 7 hours ago
Hello everybody,

Sorry for the large amount of news today, but we have another thing we would like to discuss, and have a vote among the community!

So as you know from the previous news post, the problems that Buzzrikk and LordHalo caused have caused our servers to enter a state of disarray.  Many towns on both servers have been disbanded and raided, and many people have lost money, items, and time.

As such, we want to give the players an option to reset both the Unleashed and Ultimate servers.

If we reset the servers, we will keep the same world seed and same spawns, but will remove AR Time, buildings, towns, money, items, research, etc.  This will allow everybody to have a fresh start (considering many people lost everything they had due to these server issues), and will lighten the load on the staff.  In addition, Raiding will be re-allowed, and every player will recieve a fairly substantial sum of money when they first join the server, that will allow them to immediately start making towns and rebuild their empire.

If we choose to not reset the servers, everything will stay like it currently is.  The No Raiding rule will continue to stay in affect for a long time until all the towns are sorted out.  Keep in mind, we as staff can not perfectly refund everybody - we will happily give a small sum of money to players that lost towns to rebuild them, but we can't possibly know exactly how much you had before all of these problems started happening.

We now open the floor for voting!  Specifically, we are voting on whether the Unleashed and Ultimate servers should be reset soon.  Keep in mind that our usual reset cycle is approximately 4-6 months, and we're at about 5 months since a reset for both Unleashed and Ultimate.

The poll will stay open for 7 hours until a decision is made.  Please have all of your Hyperion server friends come vote, so that we may get an accurate representation!

keil47 @ Hyperion Ultimate
i would like to vote no on reset.
a2011 @ Hyperion Unleashed
Server reset? ehhh only if we get to keep inv and money... This would be the ONLY way for me to be ok with a reset. < ...
mike1234567891 I would vote No to a reset on ultiate because to me, I rarely get lag and such so I dont think its really necessary.

Transparency, Bans, and Server Issues. PLEASE READ

Stevenator1 Head EliteSuccubus
Stevenator1 @ Hyperion Unleashed
posted 7 hours ago
Hello everybody,

I wanted to bring to your attention a serious issue with Hyperion.  This post has been drafted with a team of numerous people with differing viewpoints, in order to try to create an objective, fair post, that covered all sides of the argument.  We are attempting to be as transparent with the community, as we feel that is the best way to dis-spell rumors, hatred, and drama.

A few days ago, our servers were hacked.  The perpetrator had multicraft access, caused 28 towny new days in Ultimate, and deleted the Unleashed multicraft entry. This has caused many issues, and lots of staff time to fix - it has also been the reason for the temporary "no raiding" rule on Ultimate.

We had since learned that the perpetrator of these hacks was Buzzrikk, former owner, and husband of Pasquitoo.  Buzzrikk was not a fan of the changes Charlie was making, and (apparently without Pasqs knowledge), wreaked havok on our servers for revenge.

Since then, we have had a lot of deliberations. I reset all of the server passwords (no small task) to re-secure our servers, and we have had many vote and deliberations between the senior staff team.  As is obvious, we had to ban Buzzrikk for this serious breach in security.  However, we had a serious decision in front of us, and we had to decide to ban Pasquitoo as well.  Understand that this was NOT an easy decision for us, and it was certainly not taken lightly.  Many of us were (or still are) loyal to Pasquitoo in her year-long ownership of the server.  Having an admin position (and ESPECIALLY) a leadership position on Hyperion is not easy, and requires many tough decisions.  You have to understand that we need to have punishment for actions, and we need to protect our player base, and our servers.

As Buzzrikk and Pasquitoo share the same house (they are married, of course), and share the same IP, and computers, and passwords, it is impossible for us to effectively ban Buzzrikk (the offender of a major crime against the servers), without also banning Pasquitoo.  We understand that many of you are in outrage over this decision, and we want to be completely open, and transparent, about our decision.

In addition today, LordHalo (and a few others) spammed our website chat, as well as came into game and wreaked havoc (due to the fact that we accidentally forgot to remove his creative after he resigned from admin).  He gave out creatively-spawned items on ultimate to players, and caused MANY Towny new days on unleashed, causing many towns to go down.  While we are on the topic of LordHalo, let's get some things straight.  LordHalo resigned from our servers after some pressure from the senior team.  He was not forced to resign, and he was not fired, or banned at that time.  Obviously, he was banned today when he started spamming and causing problems.  LordHalo was making bad decisions on our servers as an admin, and recieved multiple warnings every month about his poor performance.  In addition, he is a senior staff on a different server, and we have always been highly against that in our staff members (ESPECIALLY our higher ranking staff members), because it presents a clear conflict of interest.

It is NOT our usual policy to release ban/demotion decisions to the public.  But both Buzzrikk and LordHalo have wreaked havoc on both Ultimate and Unleashed, and are the sole cause of all of the server problems we have been having over the past couple of days. They are spreading lies and slander, trying to hurt Hyperion and turn our members against us.

We are trying to be transparent to you now as a plea for you to understand our position.  We care about this community, and all of it's members.  We have been planning many new exciting changes, and have great hopes for the future of Hyperion.  The loss of our previous owner is sad (and many of us on the staff team feel sad about it as well) we must move on as a community.

Lastly, I want to CLEARLY state that all opinions are welcome to be discussed, on this post or elsewhere.  I don't want anybody to feel as if they can not state their opinion, because some staff members choose to disagree.  The community has a say in what the admin team decides, and we take all of your opinions very seriously.

Thank you all, and long live Hyperion.

Percutio Afaik for the " In addition, he is a senior staff on a different server, and we have always been highly against tha ...
Dublin2274 o Thank You Steveanator1 and Wc and all staff for clearing this all up for us. I had many qeustions but this post ansewed ...


wc_fm_boy3 OWNERo posted 23 hours ago
Greetings users of Hyperion FTB Servers.

As you may or may not know the ownership of the servers was passed down to me.

I'm currently the new owner of Hyperion, thankfully I'm not doing this alone, I have a great staff team and I have an amazing player base that have helped me as I settle into my position as being your new Owner.

I'm a fun guy and I wish to make your experience at Hyperion a great one.
Don't be afraid to message me on Enjin to get in contact with me or if you just want a general conversation with me then poke me on TS or just start up a random chat with me on Enjin.

I'm open to taking suggestions as to how things work but just know that I won't always add them to the servers.

I hope to see you all in-game and I hope you enjoy having me as your new Owner.

Dragonris3 Cadet You will be the best owner and will give hyperion a new way.
Chaselnuss Admiral I think you will make a great Job. I see a great future for Hyperion ~ May the Force be with you ...
controller_1 You're an awesome guy and I'm sure that you'll do fine and pull through whatever hardships lie ahead