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JL3WIS18 DeveloperAdmiral posted Jan 20, 15

So, as you have seen over the past couple of weeks PasqyCraft is not very popular so we have come to a decision and decided to drop the PasqyCraft server.
It was a good pack at the time and it had it's run, but now it's time for it to leave Hyperion.

Thanks again to Johnson for putting all his time into making PasqyCraft.

Farewell PasqyCraft.

PillBoxHead I'm sure the server hardware will be a lot happier with just those two packs running. I get you're not looking for sugge ...
toastertim_1 *perks up* nope. back to 1.7
wc_fm_boy3 OwnerSoulborn Whilst all of these may sound good we aren't wanting a new serve anytime soon and we won't be making custom packs for th ...


Flip_This DeveloperAdmiralSoulborn posted Jan 16, 15
Bout that server spawn.....(pt.2)

Ok, so you have all had some time to make your server spawn submissions, and there is still a couple weeks left to build, but I figured it would be good to have a post where you can officially submit your builds.

I only need the world save, if you happen to throw in a schematic I won't complain, but World file is all I need.

Feel free to add screenshots if you wish but I will be looking around the files anyhow.

Oh and one more thing. This is for both Unleashed and Ultimate now, I will be getting a job in the not so distant future that will be sucking up most of my time. So Ultimate build contest ends at the end of the month and the Unleashed portion ends half way into Feb. 

Same reward applies to Unleashed as does to Ultimate, so 1st place get's Admiral on Ultimate and 1st place on Unleashed gets Paladin.

If there are multiple builders I will award each builder a portion of the rank rounded up, so whatever rank is half cost for two builders and a third for three etc.

If there are any questions lemme know. 
BATTLEBOY12345 This is my entry post for the build competition ...
fufubecka923 Cadet Can we build on teams? Also, how large does the spawn have to be?

So bout that teaser.....

Flip_This DeveloperAdmiralSoulborn posted Jan 9, 15
So you all wanted a teaser.....

And you wanted to know what the hell I was teasing....


You know how you all were asking (and complaining, and whining, and yelling, and 
cursing) for any kind of server shop, sign shop whatever?


We love you all, and we wanted you all to know we were listening to you.

So enjoy your new toy and tell us how you guys feel about it.

I will be updating this post with relevant commands once it's live.

Thank JL3W1S18 and ESVIPERJR for all their hard work coding the plugin and testing it to make sure that it (probably) works perfectly.
Without them this plugin would not be possible.
You two kick ass :)
C3r3a7Ki773r So to arrive that this establishment of trading of wares, I type /shop or /warp shop or /whatdoesthefoxsay? lol ...
mike1234567891 @ Hyperion Ultimate
I'm going to give my honest opinion on this and say that I do not like this new addition. I feel that it is going to be ...
Chaselnuss Admiral Awesome ! And is there anywhere an Introduction to it? ...
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