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Hyperion Christmas Sale!

Helitrix Senior Mod
Helitrix @ Hyperion Ultimate
posted Mon at 0:04
Hello Hyperion

    Merry Christmas from Hyperion with another Holiday special. For the shop we are bringing you a discount of 10% on all point purchases. Enjoy the new packs and point discounts.

Merry Christmas



ElvenDemon 10/10 for spelling "cHristmas" wrong <3 ...

Hyperion Presents 8 New Packs!

Helitrix Senior Mod
Helitrix @ Hyperion Ultimate
posted Sun at 22:37
Hello Hyperion,

The staff at Hyperion have been working to bring you more content both on the servers and on your points store. So we are happy to announce the addition of 8 new packs for the Hyperion Ultimate store.

Check out the 8 new packs and their contents in the Hyperion Ultimate shop. As well there will be 2 more packs to come for those ThaumCrafters among us, a basic pack and an advanced pack.

Merry Christmas,

and Happy Holidays :)


Update: If there are any errors in the new

 packs please contact Charlie or one of the

sam12336020 Great news i will be looking forward to the Thaumcraft packs.
JohnnyB205 Cool addition, guys! This will be a great way for people to stay involved and support the server. I hope you guys keep u ...


mdnk Head Dev posted Sun at 10:41
Hello everyone,

Sorry to say but Unleashed will be down due to technical difficulties. We are working as much as we can to fix this as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: Unleashed is now fixed thanks to our lord savior Stevenator. Everyone please thank Steven when you see him.
Skulltaker00 @ Hyperion Unleashed
Is there an ETA on the server being back on again?
VenomEnvies Thankyou for all the hard work you guys must have been putting in recently with all the problems and the reset and now t ...
Dagdandris Is there a estimate on how long until its back up?
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