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Pasquitoo Ownero posted Fri at 16:13
Hyperion's Easter Long Sale!

25% off everything within ALL three
donation stores for all the servers.


XXXR4PTOR Admin Hmm, What to purchase!?
vitawat hmm, i still got 166 dollar on my master card..
Meneedeat AdminWyverno
Meneedeat @ Hyperion Monster
Buy all the things ...

Monster-IC2 Mining Laser

Johnson79 Elite Admin posted Apr 11, 14
From this point forward, the IC2 Mining Laser is 100% banned on Monster due to people finding new and creative ways to abuse it! There are two items in the Monster pack that require the Mining Laser as part of the recipe, the Pattern Storage and Thermal Centrifuge. If you need to create one of these two items, put all the materials needed in a chest and ask an Admin+ to spawn the item in for you in exchange for the materials in the chest.

Thanks for understanding
Kostronor Cerberus Thanks a lot! Hopefully, our town is now safe! ...
chaddas11 Unicorn Not just the mall, peoples Towns where badly griefed because they targeted their ME Systems
stevepuk1 Mod The mining laser I believe was used to grief the mall, we cant risk people griefing places like this by letting the lase ...


Pasquitoo Ownero posted Mar 22, 14
The staff here at Hyperion FTB Servers would like to thank you all for your continued support within our Ultimate, Unleashed and Monster servers.

Recently, we hit our all time high of 425 unique hits to the website in one day! We average approximately 350 unique hits a day and we currently have 2853 registered users to the website!

At one stage earlier today, we had 113 people across all three of our servers!

Thank you for supporting us. We look forward to seeing you all around!

Tkf1313 Winged Guard Huzzah!
battlefesh u guys r amazing the nicest sever staff ever thank u all
tjthekiller444 the mystcraft world is out of stock please stock up fast
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