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Helitrix Developer posted Wed at 12:09


We haven't made a Turtle or Mining world or a vote shop yet as we just wanted this released. If you find any bugs, glitches, exploits etc please report them to me over Enjin mail or make a /modreq in-game.

Thank you.

So back on Friday we were planning and thinking about a reset, Unfortunatly due to the data loss and tick issues on ultimate, it did come down today with to many issues, so the decision was made to reset ultimate completly!, however we have 3 devs and the owner himself up and working hard and fast to bring you Ultimate back with in only a few hours!.

Heads up nothing is coming over this reset, DO NOT make modreqs for ar time, only donations.

Owner speaking here: As much as we hate to do this it needs to happen due to the fact that players keep making the server go down in TPS and it's not fun when it comes to playing on it. We're doing a hard and fast reset to get this down and all we can say is that it'll be done in less than 12 hours. Again, we apologise in advanced for this having to happpen. We didn't want it to come down to this but it had to happen.

We hope you all understand the decision we had to make in such a short time frame.


Hyperion Development Team!

TheEpicSuperFly Ensign fuck yeah
NathanSmithMines Ensign in regards to Frazzles_, im planning on getting a quarry and town on first day ...
Chabliz Do we get refunded the Town Money back? We had at least 15.000 $ :(

Guardians of Hyperion

JoshiToc Developer posted Mar 7, 15

Well, the time has come for me to announce the news...

MDnK was not good enough to be our Head Developer, so...

Well we...

MADE HIM CO-OWNER, along side Steven.

So your new server management team is Charlie, Steven and MDnK.

They are the pappa daddy's of the servers now, the big boys, the boss, the overlords, rulers and destroyers of Hyperion. These are your gods, you will pray to them in times of need and worship the ground they walk on, when you need them most, look into the skys and always remember that they are looking down upon you.

Do not fear, Hyperion is here.

You will all know these three as the Guardians of Hyperion.

Okay, I'm done.


Okay, bye now.

I'll talk to you later.

5DaFrog5 Gratz! <3
XxpawnsxX Cadet MD Do as Jesus once did and chase everyone with a whip and flip tables....
play9876 Intern Gtz MDnK


wc_fm_boy3 OwnerAdmiral posted Mar 5, 15

Greetings Players and Staff of Hyperion.

Over the course of March myself and MDnK and our team will be making changes to Hyperion, this includes everything to do with Hyperion, such as:





These changes range from small changes to massive changes. If you notice any bugs whilst we're working on everything please feel free to contact one of us.

I'm not going into too much detail of what we're changing but all I can say is that it's better for Hyperion and I'm pretty sure you'll all enjoy it.

Keep checking our Facebook page for updates on what we're working on.




Kind Regards,

Hyperion Developer Team

csdave omg dose this mean what i think it means???
Frazzles_ Intern Will there be a player world reset or this that something that wont be changing? p.s.please don't reset the player world ...
JL3WIS18 DeveloperAdmiral
JL3WIS18 @ Hyperion Ultimate
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