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Goodbye everyone :)

TheTrueJD posted Thu at 7:17

Hey guys. I been on staff since October and I just no longer have time/enjoy the game anymore. I have played Minecraft since you could buy it for a dollar in BETA and just need a break. Over the last couple of weeks I have been on less and less. I now no longer have time to be on all the time or even at all. Partly from not even enjoying the game anymore and partly from not having the time. This is a decision that I have made and I am not going to turn back on it this time. I have nothing else to offer the server.

Bye Everyone,


wc_fm_boy3 OwnerSoulborno Goodbye JD, thank you very much for your service here at Hyperion. Contact me when you would like to return, if you ever ...

Retired Staff!

wc_fm_boy3 OwnerSoulborno posted Tue at 14:38

Retired Staff Members!

Ah yes, the retired staff members that spent their time helping Hyperion and shaping it into what it is today.

Although we've had some ups and downs with some of these staff I've decided to create a page where you can view the retired staff of Hyperion.

You can find this new sexy page by doing this: Our Staff > Retired Staff

If you've been playing for awhile than you might remember some of them. Now, before you come screaming at me or another staff member because your favorite retired staff member isn't there, this is what you need to do.

Step One: Don't scream at us.

Step Two: Double check and triple check before you scream at us.

Step Three: Leave a comment with the person's name that isn't on there. (Make sure they were staff)

Step Four: Wait for me to add the person's name.

Now, I won't be adding them the minute I get them because I'm a busy person. If it's still been 4 hours and that name isn't there, don't scream at us. Just be patient and wait for myself to add it.

So far there's over 70 retired staff members on that page, I only went off what I could remember and the accepted staff applications.

P.S: Yes I'm alive. I've just been busy with college.

Hope you enjoy the new retired staff page.

Kind Regards,

Hyperion Staff Team

cigagar its: cigagar XD
JohnnyB205 JohnnyB5206? Dafuq? LOL
3ncrypt3d Also, you don't have iNinjax115. He didn't have an app, but he was staff for a bit

Conflict With NorthernBinge

wc_fm_boy3 OwnerSoulborno posted Feb 11, 15

Greetings Hyperion,

Today myself and the Owner of Northern Binge spoke for a really long time and we sorted out all of our differences and have stopped fighting.
The Owner of the server has been unbanned from the servers and website respectfully.
In order for this to happen I would like you all to be aware that if you're found to be harassing or being mean to a player or staff member of that server you will be punished.
Both of our servers are different and there's no denying that.
Whilst it's true we both have some of the same website schemes it doesn't matter.
So please, all we ask if that you stop the drama and bullying so the two servers can have peace at last.


Kind Regards,
Charlie and the Hyperion Staff Team.

csdave yea wc you fixed the home page ty ty cant wait to chat again on ts
JoshiToc Developer Well said pal.
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