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Regrowth 0.7.4

mdnk Owner posted Sun at 15:12

Hello Hyperion, I am pleased to present a new server for you all, i have been working on this off and on again (in other words i could have had this done a while ago) but due to me being lazy i only got around to it now.

This pack is located in the 3rd party section on the FTB launcher, the server is currently on version 0.7.4. This is a HQM mod pack meaning its going to be difficult i have given all new players $500 to start off with as i haven't done the voting plugin yet, so this can get you a new town setup and get started working with a team or among your selves :).

Any bugs/glitches use /modreq, currently there is no shop for Regrowth and currently there is no plans for one. Currently there are no banned items, that is subject to change, any persons caught abusing items that need to be banned will be global banned. Please report any issues.

PS: Server status isnt working yet will be done soon.

IP: regrowth.hyperion-mc.com

Happy Gaming!

PillBoxHead @ Hyperion Regrowth
Beautiful. So nice to play something different then IC2, Thermal Expanse, MFR/Power crystals core, Openblocks and Extra ...
Deslider Corporal Fun to waste time on and wait for res.
BladeDemon17 even better than res. so awesome....

Ultimate & Unleashed are OLD AF...

Helitrix Developer posted Apr 17, 15

Ultimate is Down for the Count.

So yesterday we ran into some issues on Ultimate that required a stop and start, however after this it got stuck in a loop. This was addressed and looked into for 8 hours to no avail and discussion about using an updated pack called Resurrection was brought up. This pack may be currently unstable because it is being developed but we plan to use 1 version per map, and update as we reset, instead of with the Mod pack, because of this we will be using 1.0.0 on Resurrection.

Many will be upset about the loss of work, and hours put into Ultimate, so the Development team has decided to carry over; AR Times, Donator items (packs that aren’t there will have equal points refunded to the store), as well either a 1 time kit with better stuff in it or access to a kit for 1 week to aid in the start up of your time on Resurrection, and lastly all players will receive 5k on this map when they join on top of any donations for ingame money.

Lastly an update about the status of Resurrection. Your Development and Owner teams have been tirelessly at work to get the server up as quickly as possible. The map and files are being worked on tirelessly, however devs need sleep as well so that we don't pass out on the keyboard and shut down Hyperion by accident. So please have a little patience for the staff team and stay tuned on Hyperion's home page for updates.


Hyperion Development Team.

Johnson79 The Wizard I'm pretty late to this party, but just a heads up. Current dev on Ress is dead due to GT 5.0 being dead. They are worki ...
xXNeroZashiXx Lieutenant i wont be going on any servers for now to make lag for me on these packs so I'm getting better computer first PS: i won ...
xXNeroZashiXx Lieutenant I'm going to get drunk tonight and say goodbye to Ultimate the best server ever "goodbye Ultimate"

Let's talk OP Prison

wc_fm_boy3 OwnerSilverAdmiral posted Apr 12, 15

UPDATE: Since we will be replacing OP Prison once the poll is over and we pick a winning server I will be keeping OP Prison in my back pocket for now. If I decide when the time is right OP Prison will have a place at Hyperion and may return this year.

As many of you know OP Prison has been down for almost a month as I lost every single piece of data which was a pain so I didn't work on it until I felt like I could.

I'm at the stage where I want to launch OP Prison or to not launch it and replace it with another vanilla server.

Of course anyone that donated on there will be given their Hyperion Points back so they can spend them on something else.

So, we can launch OP Prison or we can replace it with one of the following servers:

1) Normal PVP without any factions, towny, mcmmo etc..

2) Minigames server (Features over 6 different minigames)

3) Straight up SkyWars

4) PVP Wars (Only pvp no real protection)

5) Creative (Express your inner builder)

6) Hardcore Deathban PVP (Everyone starts with one life and once you die you're banned for 3 days, ability to purchase an unban if you don't want to wait.)

7) Pure vanilla (No fancy plugins just do what you want type deal)

8) Economy server (Everything economy)

9) RolePlay server

10) OP Factions (Yes another Factions but way overpowered)

11) Survival server (Economy, mcMMO, PVP Arena, Protection)

12) Custom Hyperion Minigame

13) You guy's suggest one that's not on the list. (MUST BE VANILLA MC)

14) Parkour Server. (Made by JL3WIS18)


So there's a list, if you guy's want OP Prison back I'll bring it back, if you guy's want something from here and any of this gets positive feedback then I'll create a poll and everyone can vote. We're just wanting to make a server that people enjoy playing.


Hyperion Development Team

csdave well the op prison will be missed :(
x_SkatesPro_x Developer Minigames Ftw!
TheTrueJD Mini games. I would help out with that if it happened.