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[Honour] Pasquitoo OWNER posted Fri at 2:59
I regret to inform you that as of the end of today (Australian time), a few of us are resigning.

Johnson79, Kohron, Percutio, XXXR4PTOR and myself (Pasquitoo) are all resigning. We began to feel as though it was turning into a job, it stopped being enjoyable for us and began to be too much work.

Replacing myself as owner, will be Charlie (wc_fm_boy3). He is a great man who will take good care of Hyperion and hopefully turn it back into the community it once was. I have great faith in him.

I don't want you to panic, and stress; I want you all to give Charlie a chance and a warm welcome as he slides into this position and remember - it will be hard for him. So please help him as much as you can as the transition happens.

Thank you Hyperion for being the amazing server and community that you have been for over a year now. I tried to do my best for the past 11 months at helping you but as we all know, all things come to an end and its time to move on.

I hope you all understand this. Don't be afraid to say hello every once in a while to any of us!

Warmest regards


C3r3a7Ki773r Though I was new here, and during that time I had laptop issues, while in the server and the town(s) that accepted me. ...
MystcraftMC Sad to see you guys leave :( But its never good to do one thing for your life you need to go out there. Does this mean w ...
Darkrminer i know exactly how you feel pasq, that's the same reason i quit many many months back, once it feels like a job its over ...
Hey all! Just a quick post with some news regarding the Pasqycraft server.

-There has been quite of a bit of requests for this lately, so we've reopened the Pasqycraft Shop! You can access the shop by heading to the Hyperion Points page from the menu bar. Let me know if you run into any issues.

-Sadly we've had to ban the Wand Focus:Equal Trade due to some folks using it to bypass Towny. I was trying to avoid doing this, but it looks like people wanted to take advantage of it.

-I ran across a pretty cool NEI plugin for Thaumcraft today that is client side only. It lets you search in NEI for Aspects. You can download it here. To install this, you just need to download the mod and it put into your pasqycraft/minecraft/mods folder.

Thanks again and I hope you all continue to enjoy Pasqycraft!


Neomale AdminCorporal Good find on that thaumcraft plugin Johnson, thank you ...
JohnnyB205 @ Hyperion Ultimate
Love PasqyCraft so much! Awesome that there's a shop for it now! Great job once again, Johnson! ...
Yoshii2011 Thank you so much for putting so much work into Pasqycraft. As for the plugin, it looks really awesome, I think I'll giv ...


[Honour] Pasquitoo OWNER posted Nov 2, 14

Welcome to Hyperion Minecraft Servers!

LordHalo1157 AdminCorporal Gahh, always sleeping when the fun happens ...
lampman13 you should do one with just staff .-. ...
[Honour] Johnson79 I miss all the fun things! Great picture everyone ...