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Ultimate Mining World Problems

Johnson79 Head Elite posted Sat at 14:47
Today the Mining World on Ultimate had to be unexpectedly reset. There was an issue that was chain crashing the server in our Mining World. Due to unexpected reset will be will making a one time /kit for everyone to get items back.  

Please do not making a modreq asking for your things back. This kit will have it mostly covered. If you see another player asking in game, please refer them to this post.

UPDATE: /kit comp has been added to the game for everyone. 


starboxerblue66 thanks for fixing the issue johnson ...

Pasqycraft Update

Johnson79 Head Elite posted Oct 12, 14
Pasqycraft v1.13

-Minetweaker updated to make Quartz Knives/Files/Hammers work even when damaged on non-Thaumcraft tools.
-Deep Dark has been disabled due to extreme server lag when more than one person is in the age.
-Removed Zombie Awareness
-Updated Open Computers to version 1.3.6.

Let me know if anything breaks!

XxReapermanxX Succubus i hear someone say its was using something like 20% of the CPU for zombie AI / pathfinding
WinterBornOne AdmiralSpellcasterSuccubus why did zombie awareness get removed?

Pasqycraft Reset!

Johnson79 Head Elite posted Sep 27, 14
**Small update to v1.11 on the Technic Launcher**

Pasqycraft has been reset!

Our Pasqycraft modpack has been given a fairly large update today and because of this, we have reset the server to put everyone on a level playing field again. Lots of mods updates, added, removed, recipes tweaked, it's a whole new hard mode experience. 

To join the Pasqycraft server, WC has kindly made us a "how to". We hope that you all join us and have as much fun playing as we did making it! As always, make sure to type /money to create your bank account before you vote for the first time.

If you are a returning Pasqycraft player, you NEED to delete your old Pasqycraft instance folder otherwise this update will not work.

IP: pasqycraft.hyperion-mc.com
Neomale InternCorporal I definitely recommend this modpack, it's awesome !!!
x_SkatesPro_x Mod So...I got my new laptop today and Now I'm able to run Pasqycraft ...
toastertim_1 Is...is there a changelog at all? "faily large" ...
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